Moore in a Minute Logo

Logo created for Sports Columnist Tom Moore's Video Packages. He covers the 4 main pro-sports teams in Philadelphia, so logo needed to reflect that.  

Linear Channel Only Show Intros

These mini-shows were created just for our Linear Channel on Fire TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. These are the animated intros I created with the logos sent to me from our advertising department. Moments in History: For Good: Discover Bucks:

Animated Intros for Potential Show Demos

These are shows that never panned out, but the graphics where made to pitch to potential sponsors. (Logos created by our advertising department, but animation by myself). Additional graphics such as Lower thirds and full screen graphics were also created for these projects. Health Matters: The Inside Story: Arts Unwrapped:

Animated Storybook for Theater Production

After Effects timing of page flip animation/keyframing, text animation and photoshopped pages created by Morgaine Ford-Workman for use in a non-profit theater company's production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. (This played on their movie screen while the actors acted out the pages on the left and right of the...

Newsbreak shows intro animation

Introduction animation for "The Intell Newsbreak" show, Calkins Media (Similar animations for BCT Newsbreak and Courier Times Newsbreak (both AM & PM versions))

Made in the USA series logo

A logo for the "Made in the USA" series that ran in the Bucks County Courier Times, The Intelligencer, and the Burlington County Times

“The Music Man” web banner

Web banner for "The Music Man" production at the Newtown Arts Company, used on website, posters, postcards and facebook banner.

Rotating banners for Newtown Arts Company

I create all of the rotating banners for the Newtown Arts Company and am on their website team. I also create their playbills for each show. Sometimes I also create advertisements for the playbill if the sponsor does not have one.

Mad scientist photo illustration

This won 2nd place in an online contest. Basically it was a steam-punk mad-scientist art contest (photo, photo illustration, story, drawing, etc.) My husband and my cat are featured in the photo illustration.

Custom handmade greeting cards

I create custom handmade greeting cards as well, besides my design work. You can view my hand-crafted designs here:

Bucks County Courier Times Reality Art Contest 2010

This interactive flash presentation showcases the winners of the Reality teen section's Art Contest for 2010. To view the interactive flash presentation, check it out here. To view the animated promotional button, check it out here.

“Going Green” centerpiece photo illustration

Photo illustration for special section on Going Green in your house and life. This photo illustration was created as a somewhat "key" to where everything is throughout the section. The house was created in Google Sketchup 3d software, the rest was created with some Photoshop magic. This graphic/photo illustration won...

Give A Christmas homeless illustration

Part of a 6 week series for the Give a Christmas fund. This illustration accompanied a story on how the economy has created more homeless, therefore more need for the fund.

Choosing Your Side in the Election

An interactive feature for The Bucks County Courier Times and The Intelligencer for the 2009 Presidential election. By clicking on each candidate, you can learn about their views, read quotes, and various other information about the different candidates.  

Unscripted Live website design

This award winning website was created for The Intelligencer's teen section, Unscripted. Even though it now no long exists (the product was combined with the Bucks County Courier Times' reality section), it generated a lot of buzz throughout the community.

All-Intell interactive Presentation

This was one of 3 interactive presentations for the 2007-2009 school year of sports. This particular interactive presentation won 2nd place in the 2009 Keystone Press Awards (for Online Journalistic Innovation). The Spring edition (not shown) won Honorable Mention in the 2008 Society of Professional Journalists Keystone Spotlight awards (for...

PacSun annual report: study on corporate annual reports

A piece done while at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. This annual report reflects the simply but fun nature of PacSun. This annual report design was in no way done for the actual PacSun company, but was my view of what I would design for the company.

Mazda 5 buyers guide: study of corporate guides

A piece done while at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. This buyers guide was created to reflect the fun nature of the Mazda 5 car and to appeal to a young audience. This study of corporate guides showcase the surfer-feel and skater-like attitude of the Mazda 5 marketing strategy. This buyers...

Listen to Me: CD design

A piece done while at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. This original piece takes the concept that Music is in fact a drug. The song lyrics are in the style of a prescription drug warnings, the cd itself is designed to look like the cap of a prescription bottle, and the...

Hand-bound Art Nouveau book: inside

A piece done while at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. This hand-bound book features facts about Art Nouveau. The interior is designed in the style of Art Nouveau and is printed on thick stock and hand sewn to the spine.

Hand-bound Art Nouveau book: cover

A piece done while at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. This hand-bound book features facts about Art Nouveau, as well as showcases the style of Art Nouveau by its inside design. The exterior is hand-bound with leather and edged with gold-leafing.

Danskin Catalog: study of catalog design

A piece done while at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. This catalog design includes actual photographed shots taken  by myself of a live ballet dancer to show off various items that would be sold in a Danskin Catalog. This is a case study of catalog design, and was not created for...

Animation and Interactive Works

My Calkins Media Video Graphics reel can be found here: My Flash Animations that I have done for Calkins Media can be viewed and interacted with at the below locations: To view the Reality Teen Section Art Contest presentation, Click here. For the animation web button for the Contest, Click...

Chimera: A Journal of Literature and Art (volume 4)

This award winning publication was designed by a team of graphic design students at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (include myself). This journal of literature and art, showcases the top artistic talents of the school, as well as the processes behind each work of art.