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Animations, interactive multimedia and video graphics

Newsbreak shows intro animation

Introduction animation for "The Intell Newsbreak" show, Calkins Media (Similar animations for BCT Newsbreak and Courier Times Newsbreak (both AM & PM versions))

Bucks County Courier Times Reality Art Contest 2010

This interactive flash presentation showcases the winners of the Reality teen section's Art Contest for 2010. To view the interactive flash presentation, check it out here. To view the animated promotional button, check it out here.

Choosing Your Side in the Election

An interactive feature for The Bucks County Courier Times and The Intelligencer for the 2009 Presidential election. By clicking on each candidate, you can learn about their views, read quotes, and various other information about the different candidates.  

All-Intell interactive Presentation

This was one of 3 interactive presentations for the 2007-2009 school year of sports. This particular interactive presentation won 2nd place in the 2009 Keystone Press Awards (for Online Journalistic Innovation). The Spring edition (not shown) won Honorable Mention in the 2008 Society of Professional Journalists Keystone Spotlight awards (for...

Animation and Interactive Works

My Calkins Media Video Graphics reel can be found here: My Flash Animations that I have done for Calkins Media can be viewed and interacted with at the below locations: To view the Reality Teen Section Art Contest presentation, Click here. For the animation web button for the Contest, Click...