Hello! Thanks for taking a peek at my design portfolio.

I am a seasoned senior graphic designer with many years under my belt in the design field. I’ve spent my time working in all types of design- Print, Animation, News, Broadcast, Digital/Web, Social Media, Video/Sound.
I pride myself on my use of typography, color, and animation- and you’ll find they’re all a big part of my work. I am overly organized when it comes to my design projects, and have a keen eye for detail. I work great under deadlines and aim to reach the best end result as possible.
I enjoy papercrafting, board games, and musical theater when I’m not working on design projects.

I hope that you find what you need here at my digital portfolio. You can see an even wider variety of designs by clicking on each category's image, as well as see my full resume and contact information in the links above or below.

Thanks for stopping by!
Morgaine Ford-Workman

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